Why did the dolphin stranding season in the occupied Crimea start earlier?

June 20, 2022

In 2022, the dolphin stranding season began in March, when in previous years it was in May. The largest number of dolphins is observed in the Odesa region and in the occupied Crimea.

According to Suspіlne, mainly representatives of porpoise species and common dolphins die. Russian warships and submarines operating in the Black Sea may affect the death of dolphins.

How exactly can warships and submarines affect dolphins?

“Indeed, dolphins are very sensitive to all these processes. And now in the Black Sea there is an insane number of warships of different types, different nature, and therefore they behave inappropriately, non-standardly”,- said Yevhen Khlobystov, expert of the CTRC.

He noted that so far any representatives of the flora and fauna of the Black Sea do not behave as usual. Because the situation is not standard, and military actions have completely disrupted the traditional course of the ecosystem and the relationships in it.