NATO in the media of the occupied Crimea: NATO was preparing to place its bases in Crimea until 2014

June 14, 2022

In April, in the occupied Simferopol in the Gagarin park, the Russian authorities of Crimea opened the exhibition NATO. Chronicle of cruelty. Propaganda information about the so-called criminal activities of the Alliance was presented at the stands.

Among the popular fakes highlighted at this exhibition was the allegation that NATO was preparing to place its bases in Crimea before 2014.

In fact, NATO did not intend to place any bases either in the Crimea or in any other region of Ukraine. As of 2014, Ukraine was considered a non-bloc state, even so far we do not have a MAP (NATO Membership Action Plan).

Moreover, at present, a significant part of the Alliance states do not have any NATO bases on their territories.

We remind you that the Crimean Tatar Resource Center has launched a new column  "Fakes about NATO in the occupied Crimea" , which  aims to implement measures to track fake information in the temporarily occupied Crimea about the values, goals and current activities of NATO and debunk this information.