Warning to supporters of Z-fascism in the occupied Crimea

May 13, 2022

The Crimean Tatar Resource Center warns a resident of the occupied Crimea, the owner of a Volvo xc70 car, state number – A073te of the region 82, Aliona, by sticking the letter Z on your vehicle, you support fascism and become an accomplice in a crime against humanity.

Z is the symbol of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. It is under this sign that the Russian army commits numerous crimes against humanity: the massacres of civilians, the genocide of the Ukrainian people, the abuse of women, the murder and abduction of children, and other war crimes.

This symbol is prohibited in Ukraine, as well as in other countries: Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Lithuania. And Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have expressly banned the display of the Z symbol on vehicles in public places. The list of countries that ban this sign is growing rapidly.

In addition, for propaganda of the Russian neo-Nazi totalitarian regime, you can be severely punished in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, and in Germany, for example, you face imprisonment for up to three years.

We urge you not to support the crimes of the Russian Federation and remove the sticker from your car!

Friends, if you come across cars with the Z symbol in the occupied Crimea, please send us photos to record such crimes, as well as warn friends and relatives. (Signal – 380673437454)

We guarantee your anonymity and security.