Recommendations to MLA officials to ensure their own security in the conditions of armed aggression of the Russian Federation

May 13, 2022

The experts of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center have prepared recommendations for the officials of the MLA to ensure security in the face of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.

if possible, conclude an agreement with a lawyer whom you know and who is ready (if possible) to represent your interests in the occupational commandant's offices;

turn off geolocation or GPS on your smartphone to make it harder for third parties to find your location;

for communication, use a regular push-button telephone with a separate number that is known to a limited circle of people (family members, a lawyer, authorized representatives, representatives of the Association), minimize the use of a smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system;

check and delete photos, texts, symbols in smartphones and computers that may pose a potential danger. Have spare phones with a new SIM card;

create an alternative email account that will not be personally linked to your existing account in instant messengers and programs;

alert a trusted circle of your travel plans and share your location regularly;

track whether there is surveillance or whether there is an unknown or suspicious car near the house / place of work (there may be a device for listening in the car), arrange this with family members, colleagues, neighbors.

agree on a conditional phrase meaning that you have been stolen, a search has begun [1] and which can be quickly transferred by phone as soon as you feel danger, have numbers of trusted persons in speed dial;

agree with family members, colleagues, neighbors that during your abduction, search, they carried out maximum publicity, including among residents of the territorial community, with a call for a peaceful assembly demanding your release;

agree with family members, colleagues, neighbors that if they witnessed your abduction, search, let them make a video recording or stream if possible;

In advance, pass on to family members, colleagues, neighbors contacts on which to contact in case of abduction, search in the first place:

Military administration of your area;

Security Service of Ukraine (United Center for Coordinating the Search and Release of Persons Illegally Imprisoned Due to Russian Armed Aggression +38 067 650 83 32 or +38 098 087 36 01 (24-hour lines)

Associations of local governments, including the All-Ukrainian Association of UTM tel. 0672383131, 097 705 5686, human rights organizations, in particular the Crimean Tatar Resource Center tel.

Mass media (national and regional level).

[1] In this case, the so-called search should be considered – illegal entry into the house or place of work by representatives of the occupying forces, which, in accordance with Article 162 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine qualifies as a violation of the inviolability of housing.