Propaganda in the occupied Crimea among children

April 13, 2022

The occupiers in Crimea do not stop trying to trick children into getting love and support. School administrations force employees to carry out propaganda among little Crimeans and justify the war against Ukraine.

In particular, the Mission of the President in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea reports that video surveillance and eavesdropping are being installed in the Crimean Tatar classrooms. Children are told about patriotism, about the exploits of new heroes, and they also check how they know the anthem of the Russian Federation by heart, etc. In addition, they force students to participate in a flash mob I am not ashamed to be a Russian.

Unfortunately, tens of thousands of children will fall victim to fake education. They are trying to rewrite history. But everyone in this world knows that the real crime, during which many innocent people died, was committed by Russia. And all the children of Crimea will definitely know about it when the island returns home.