Searches were conducted in the houses of Crimean Tatar activists in the occupied Crimea

November 8, 2017

On Wednesday, November 8, Russian law enforcers conducted searches in the houses of Crimean Tatar activists in several regions of Crimea – in Bakhchisaray, Stary Krym , in Zarechnoye and Kirovskoye settlements. As a result, six people were detained. Five were released. An administrative protocol was drawn up against one person. The searches were held with numerous violations of both Russian legislation and international law.

In Bakhchisaray, security officers searched the house of the activist Seytumer Seytumerov. He works as an administrator in the Crimean Tatar cafe "Salachyk", which belongs to Asanov Marlen (Suleyman) detained on October 11, 2017. He is also known as a landscape photographer. The lawyer Edem Semedlyaev informed   that an administrative protocol against Seytumerov was drawn up on Article 20.3 (Part 1) of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation "Propaganda or Public Display of Nazi Attributes". After the search Seytumerov was taken to the police station.

In the village Zarechnoye of Simferopol region, the security officers searched the house of Eldar Kantemirov. His laptop and cell phones were seized  "for examination".

In Stary Krym, a search was conducted in the house of the activist Alimdar (under the passport – Ruslan) Belyalov. He works in the network of public catering  "Halal Fast Food". During the search conducted by security officers,  the door was broken and person money in the amount of 3 thousand dollars and 60 thousand rubles was stolen. His mobile phone was also seized. After the search, five people, who were employed in Belyalov's public catering, were taken to the district department. After the conversation, all five were released. Activists of the "Crimean Solidarity" reported that law enforcers tried to take DNA analysis and fingerprints of all the detained and  applied phyisical force to some of them.

In the village Kirovskoye the house of Ekrem Abdulvatov, the Chairman of the regional Mejlis of the Kirovskoe district  was  also searched. This  is a second search in the house of Abdulvatov. in His cell phone and laptop were seized.

The lawyer Emil Kurbedinov said that the searches are another "blow" of security  services of  the Russian Federation against "Crimean solidarity".
Activists in Crimea are convinced that the searches are held for consistent and purposeful pressure on activists of "Crimean solidarity" in order to make them keep silenсe about the situation and events in the occupied Crimea.