All negative environmental factors are caused by the military-economic activity in Crimea – UIMTU

October 28, 2020

The Ukrainian independent maritime trade union sent to the UN and other international organizations and bodies a statement “Environmental and Humanitarian Challenges in the Maritime Areas around Crimea”, which emphasizes that all negative environmental factors are caused by military-economic activities in Crimea. The press service of the department reported about this.

The statement was sent to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the United Nations Environment Program, the World Meteorological Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the European Environment Agency, the General Mediterranean Fisheries Commission, the Commission for the Protection of the Black Sea against Pollution, the Committee on the implementation of the Convention on the Impact on the Environment in a Transboundary Context.

“All the negative environmental factors caused by the military-economic activity in Crimea also pose a challenge to the sustainable development of coastal communities and their members, including the maritime economy”,- the statement said.

All humanitarian challenges are divided into several groups: the risks of radioactive pollution, ground pollution (especially in Sevastopol and other coastal cities), pollution from ships (primarily from the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and offshore platforms of the Chernomorneftegaz company), erosion of sea landscapes through uncontrolled sand extraction , uncontrolled commercial fishing.

“The interests of preserving the ecological stability of the entire Black Sea region completely depend on the countries' commitment to the principles of international law and friendly relations. In order to ensure proper civilized forms of using the sea, maritime powers and maritime businesses should avoid actions aimed at supporting the aforementioned oppression of the marine environment”,- the statement said.