NATO will revise its strategy due to the annexation of Crimea

October 22, 2020

On Wednesday, October 21, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg said during a press conference that it was time to modernize and revise NATO’s strategic concept due to the illegal actions of the Russian Federation in the occupied Crimea.

“We must understand that over the past 10 years we have seen fundamental changes in the field of security. And the time has come to modernize, adapt, revise NATO's strategic concept, because we are witnessing a more assertive Russia, the situation around which has radically changed after 2014 and after the annexation Crimea, we are witnessing the rise of IS (the extremist group Islamic State), the growth of terrorism, the growth of cyber threats, climate change problems. We see a change in the balance of power in the world on the example of China”,- Stoltenberg said, reports the TASS media agency.

The Secretary General stressed that the time had come to develop a new document with an updated NATO strategy, and added that an expert group report on its possible contours should be presented in December.