In the sixth year of occupation, state bodies have no information about the state of the environment in Crimea – manager of the CTRC

October 16, 2020

On Thursday, October 15, the manager of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Liudmyla Korotkykh took part in an expert meeting on the topic: “Humanitarian challenges in the occupied Crimea.” The representative of the CTRC stressed that in the sixth year of the occupation in the specialized state institutions of Ukraine there is no information about the state of the environment in Crimea.

“Our organization, among other things, works in the field of ecology, because now it is one of the pressing issues. The activities of the occupation authorities in Crimea have many consequences for the environment, which negatively affects the sustainable development of Crimea”,-  Liudmyla said.

The manager of the CTRC recalled that last Sunday in the office of the organization an expanded meeting of the Expert Council on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development of Crimea was held, at which issues of monitoring the ecosystem of the peninsula were discussed.

“First of all, we sent inquiries to the relevant state institutions of Ukraine and, as it turned out, in the sixth year of the occupation there is no information about what is happening in Crimea. The state of the environment and the influence of the activities of the occupation authorities on the nature of the peninsula is not being monitored. In the future, we will come out with proposals for cooperation with government agencies”,- explained the representative of the organization.

In particular, she noted that the CTRC has already sent a report “The Impact of the Irrational Policy of the Occupational Russian Authority on the Water Balance of Crimea” to the OHCHR office, which contains detailed information on how inexpedient the occupants are using water on the peninsula.

Speaking about the possible supply of water to the occupied peninsula for Ukrainian citizens, Liudmyla stressed that this is a rather difficult issue, because there is an active population replacement in Crimea.

“Since the beginning of the occupation, the population has increased by almost a million. And these are no longer Ukrainians, they are citizens of the Russian Federation. Our organization adheres to the position that Crimea is an occupied territory, and the Russian Federation, as an occupying state, bears full responsibility for what is happening on the peninsula”,- added an employee of the CTRC.

Also, recalling the creation of the International Platform for the De-occupation of Crimea, Liudmyla Korotkykh stressed that it is very difficult to achieve something without the support of the general public.

“Our organization is a co-founder of the international movement for the de-occupation of Crimea and solidarity with the Crimean Tatar people #LIBERATECRIMEA. We are 3 years old, the Strategy of the movement has already been developed and its public part will be presented soon. But analyzing our path, we understand that without our partners, namely Ukrainian and the Crimean Tatar diasporas, we would have achieved nothing”,- she summed up.