Political prisoner Medzhyt Ablyamitov denies his guilt – lawyer

September 21, 2020

Political prisoner Medzhyt Ablyamitov, detained on August 19 in the occupied Crimea, during an additional interrogation stated that he did not consider himself guilty and did not commit anything illegal while serving in a battalion on the territory of mainland Ukraine. He does not deny his participation in it. This was announced via his Facebook page by lawyer Ayder Azamatov, who took part in a number of the so-called investigative actions.

“After talking with Medzhyt, it turned out that much in his first testimony was not true and he gave evidence in a difficult emotional and psychological state, was shocked by everything that was happening, did not understand the essence of the charge, was very depressed. First, they (Ministry of Internal Affairs servicemen) took away his older brother Adler, then brought him back and took Medzhyt away, after which he was handed over to FSB officers and searched again”,- wrote the defender.

According to Azamatov, Medzhyt and his defense filed a motion for his additional interrogation and the invalidity of a number of initial testimonies, which he gave in a very depressed state.

“In additional interrogation, Medzhyt indicated that in fact he does not consider himself guilty and did not commit anything illegal while participating in this battalion, he does not deny his participation in it. He made this decision purely out of patriotic convictions, since being a citizen of Ukraine he was obliged to repay the people of Ukraine and without any selfish goals joined the ranks of this formation. In connection with the illness of his mother, he voluntarily left the ranks of the battalion in 2016 and returned to his homeland in Crimea and without any fears continued to live in Crimea until the moment of unjustified detention”,- said the message of the lawyer.

In addition, Medzhyt confidently asserts that while being in the ranks of the battalion, he did not violate the laws of Ukraine and Russia, since this formation operates on the territory of Ukraine quite legally. According to the lawyer, the defense intends to present such evidence in the so-called court and ask the so-called court to stop the criminal prosecution of Medzhyt Ablyamitov.

At present, the political prisoner is awaiting the delivery of the indictment to him and for the so-called case to be sent to the so-called court.

We remind that on August 19, 2020, the FSB in the occupied Crimea detained 26-year-old Medzhyt Ablyamitov, suspected of allegedly participating in the Noman Çelebicihan Crimean Tatar Volunteer Battalion. He was charged with committing a crime under Part 2 of Article 208 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, for which the punishment is imprisonment for up to fifteen years. On August 20, the man was arrested for 2 months – until October 17, 2020.