Timur Shaimardanov, who disappeared in the occupied Crimea, turned 40

September 15, 2020

For more than six years, the whereabouts of the Ukrainian activist, member of the public initiative “Ukrainian People’s House” Timur Shaimardanov have remained unknown. He disappeared on May 26, 2014 in the occupied Crimea. Where he disappeared and under what circumstances is unknown, there are no witnesses. On September 13, he turned 40. We sincerely hope that Timur will be found and will return home to his relatives!

Timur Shaimardanov was a member of the public initiative “Ukrainian People's House”. On the morning of May 26, 2014, he left home and never returned. According to his spouse, Tymur intended to go to the bank. At 10:15 he called his mother, then immediately his father, exchanged a few words about the elections and something insignificant and said that in the near future he should not call him – he would be busy with something important. After that, he no longer got in touch and his whereabouts are unknown to relatives and friends. Where he disappeared and under what circumstances is unknown, there are no witnesses. In the spring of that year, he was one of the most active opponents of the Russian occupation of the peninsula. He took part in pro-Ukrainian events, volunteered and helped the Ukrainian military. Before disappearing, the man noticed that he was being followed. He changed housing regularly. And in the last house of Shaimardanov, the new tenant discovered a wiretap. Human rights defenders and activists are convinced that Timur was forcibly kidnapped because of his active pro-Ukrainian position in the occupied peninsula.

Criminal cases were opened into the disappearance, both in the occupied Crimea and in mainland Ukraine, but so far the investigation has not brought any results.

On the sixth anniversary of Timur Shaimardanov's disappearance, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center prepared the story of his family in the frame of the Hostages of the Occupation project.