The return of Ukrainian territories is my main priority – Zelensky

September 15, 2020

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with the Austrian newspaper “Wiener Zeitung” said that ending the war in Donbass and returning the Ukrainian occupied territories are his top priorities.

“When I make a promise, these are not empty words. Ending the war and returning Ukrainian territories are my top priorities. These are not romantic promises. Of course, it is not easy. But we have already achieved a lot”,- Zelensky said.

The President noted that the Ukrainian authorities have already returned 140 people from captivity. The armed forces were withdrawn, there is no more shooting.

“Almost no one dies. With the exception of one death, there were no casualties in seven weeks. Everyone sees it, and Europe sees it too. Sometimes separatist shots are heard. But we do not respond to them, which is good”,- he added.