Where is Ervin Ibragimov? Today the kidnapped Crimean Tatar turns 37

July 17, 2022

For more than six years, the whereabouts of Ervin Ibragimov, a member of the Executive Council of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars, have remained unknown. He was forcibly abducted on May 24, 2016 in Bakhchysarai. Today, July 17, he turned 37 years old. The staff of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center sincerely congratulates Erwin on his birthday! We sincerely hope and believe that he will be found and will return home to his parents! We wish his relatives good health, patience and unbending will!

On May 24, at 10.20 p.m. on an bypass road in Bakhchysarai, his car was stopped by unknown individuals (presumably traffic police officers). After that, he was forcibly pushed into a minibus, he tried to escape, but he was caught and thrown into a car, which drove towards the Bakhchisaray reservoir, through a forest. Ervin's abduction was recorded by a surveillance camera.

The so-called main investigative department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Crimea opened a criminal case under paragraph A of Part 2 of Article 126 of the Criminal Code (kidnapping), but there is no information about Ervin's whereabouts.

In May 2020, the so-called Kyiv District Court of Simferopol rejected the complaint of the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov against the investigating authorities regarding his requests in the case of the abduction of Ervin Ibragimov.

The activist’s father, Umer Ibragimov, claimed that his son openly expressed his position on the illegality of the occupation of Crimea by Russia and participated in protecting the rights and supporting the Crimean Tatars persecuted by Russia. In 2014, in protest, Ervin Ibragimov left the civil service in the Bakhchisaray district administration and repeatedly received verbal threats from FSB officers, his friends and acquaintances witnessed the threats.

In 2016, the journalists of the Hromadske media agency visited the place of abduction of Ervin Ibragimov in Bakhchisaray, met with his parents and colleagues from the Mejlis.

The report of the Hromadske media agency from Crimea about the story of Ervin Ibragimov.