The total water supply in reservoirs of natural flow decreases – weather forecasters

July 6, 2020

In the reservoirs of natural flow of the occupied Crimea, the volume of water halved compared to 2019. The total water supply by the beginning of July this year decreased by 97.91 million cubic meters. This is reported by the so-called Hydrometeorological Center of the annexed peninsula.

“The total water supply in the reservoirs of natural runoff by the beginning of July of this year is 97.91 million cubic meters, less than by the beginning of July 2019”,- the report said.

Forecasters note that intensive depletion of the remaining water reserves of the natural runoff reservoirs continues, with a total total water supply of 83.31 million cubic meters by the beginning of July, which is 1.85 million cubic meters less than in early June.