In the occupied Crimea, a memorial stone, which depicts tamga, was damaged

June 29, 2020

On Monday, June 29, a resident of Kemerovo tried to smash a memorial stone that depicts the Crimean Tatar symbol (tamga) and vereses from the Qurʼān. These actions were accompanied by insults to the Crimean Tatars and their religion. This was reported by activist Mansur Teyfuk via his page on Facebook.

“Today, in the city of Saky, a resident of Kemerovo committed an act of vandalism over a memorial stone, which is located at the entrance to the city from Simferopol, which depicts the Crimean Tatar symbol (tamga) and the lines from the Koran are written. She climbed onto her car with a hammer, and after in was broken, she took another one, which speaks of a pre-planned act, moreover, all of that was accompanied by insults to the Crimean Tatars and their religion. When she was trying to escape from the crime scene, her car did not start”,- the message said.

The activist noted that police officers who arrived at the crime scene banned the photo and video recording.