“Umnyi Buy” will monitor water parameters in the Chernorechensky reservoir

June 29, 2020

Scientists from Sevastopol State University have developed a system that monitors the parameters of water in reservoirs. “Umnyi Buy” was installed in the Chernorechensky reservoir, the main source of freshwater in Sevastopol. This was reported on the website of the university.

"Scientists from Sevastopol State University together with the industrial partner “Marlin-Yug” developed a system “Umnyi Buy” that monitors the parameters of water in reservoirs. It has already been installed in the Chernorechensky reservoir. From now on, the scientists have access to up-to-date information on the temperature, transparency and water level with a margin of error 5 cm. Data is updated every 30 seconds,” the statement said.

Thanks to “Umnyi Buy” and an unmanned surface vehicle, which makes an underwater cartogram, it is possible to accurately determine the amount of water in the reservoir.