“Hostages of the Occupation”: Suleyman Kadyrov, police lieutenant colonel (photo)

April 3, 2020

The next hero of the project “Hostages of the Occupation” for his comment in the social network “Crimea is Ukraine. It has always been, is and will be ”was sentenced to two years on probation. However, despite this, he believes that every way to prevent the awakening of the people gives rise to even greater consciousness. Meet Suleyman Kadyrov. Before the occupation – a police lieutenant colonel, after – a public activist.

Swearing allegiance to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, for many years fulfilling his duty with honor and dignity, in 2014 Suleyman Kadyrov refused to betray his oath and left his job. Being a member of the local Mejlis of the city of Feodosia, he became very socially active. In May 2018, he was sentenced to two years on probation for the comment on his page in the social network: “Crimea is Ukraine. It has always been, is and will be Ukrainian”. He was also prohibited to conduct any public activity. After a search in his house, his underage daughter experienced severe consternation.

During his trial in May 2018, Suleyman Kadyrov made a speech: “You can put a person in prison. You can even kill them. But how to prohibit thinking? How to kill faith? How to make people stop thinking? Unless to steal their souls, hearts, and minds. But this is clearly not in their power. Each attempt to prevent the awakening of the people only gives a push for a greater consciousness".

Suleyman Kadyrov addresses his mother exclusively as “Anachygym!” (“Mommy!”). He is certain that the preservation of language, culture, and traditions of his people starts and should start in the family. The role of the state is to create respective conditions for each family. The restoration of the statehood of the Crimean Tatars in their historical Motherland is the most cherished dream of Suleyman Kadyrov.

Project manager: Zarema Bariieva
Author of pictures: Lieniara Abibulaieva
Text writer: Alemkhan Sary
Translation into English: Zarema Bariieva

We remind that on February 26 in Kyiv, the presentation of the album and the exhibition “Hostages of the Occupation” took place, which tell us about the fate of 20 Crimean Tatar families after the annexation of the peninsula. On March 10, the exhibition opened in Vinnytsia. The exhibition is expected to be presented in Lviv and Dnipro as well.

The project was prepared by the Crimean Tatar Resource Center with the support of the Democracy Grants Program of the US Embassy to Ukraine.