“Canada is ready to help launch a platform for negotiations on Crimea” – Champagne

March 24, 2020

Foreign Minister of Canada Francois-Philippe Champagne in an interview with NV magazine said that the Ukrainians must decide for themselves which platform for negotiations on Crimea they need, and Canada is ready to help with this.

"Naturally, Canada is ready to help in this matter. We constantly remind the world of the illegality of the annexation of Crimea, so we would like to play a role in a potential negotiation group on Crimea, if Ukraine asks for it," Champagne said.

The Foreign Minister stressed that Canada has provided Ukraine with about 300 million Canadian dollars [$ 207 million] of assistance to reform public administration and to strengthen the rule of law, since "Ukraine has a special place in the hearts and minds of Canadians."

“There are few places where Canadian diplomacy works in four areas at the same time – trade, military cooperation, humanitarian policy, and development policy. In Ukraine we work in all four areas,” the minister summed up.