Despite the cancellation of mass events, the annexation of Crimea was “celebrated” in Yalta

March 17, 2020

On Tuesday, March 17, in Yalta, they the annexation of Crimea by Russia was celebrated. Despite the cancellation of mass events in connection with the spread of coronavirus, the Russian authorities gathered more than fifty people in the city administration. This was reported by the Crimea.Realii media group.

“Yalta veterans of the Second World War were also invited to the event, there were fighters of the so-called self-defense of Crimea, representatives of the Yalta Cossacks and officials – all those who took an active part in the events of March 2014”,- the report outlined.

It is noted that a pro-Russian video was shown about the events of March 2014 in Crimea, after which the so-called head of administration of Yalta Ivan Imhrunt and the so-called chairman of the city council of Yalta Kostiantyn Shymanovsky awarded local participants in the annexation of Crimea with  commemorative medals and letters, and veterans with jubilee medals.