“Attending a mosque is regarded as “terrorism”,- political prisoner Rustem Seitmemetov

March 17, 2020

On Tuesday, March 17, lawyer Nazim Sheikhmambetov visited the defendant in the so-called third Bakhchisaray Hizb ut-Tahrir case Rustem Seitmemetov in the pre-trial detention center of the occupied Crimea. The political prisoner does not admit his guilt and is indignant at the fact that today attending a mosque and discussing any religious issues is regarded as “terrorism”. It is reported by the Crimean solidarity group.

It is noted that Rustem was placed in a common cell, which contains about 20 people. At the moment, he has no complaints about his state of health.

“We also discussed with him further actions regarding defense. In this criminal case, he confirms as before that he does not consider himself a “terrorist.” “He does not recognize the suspicions presented to him, he believes that this whole case is politically motivated and he is absolutely indignant that attending the mosque and discussing any religious issues in the mosque today is regarded as “terrorism,” the lawyer said.

We that on March 11, Russian security officials raided the dwellings of Crimean Tatars in Bakhchisaray and the Bakhchisaray district. Searches were conducted in the house of Seitumer Seitumerov, Shukri Seitumerov, Amet Suleymanov, Seidamet Mustafayev, Rustem Seitmemetov, Ayder Suleymanov and Seitumer Seitumerov. The activists were detained. On March 12, the so-called Kyiv District Court of Simferopol sent Amet Suleymanov under house arrest. On March 13, the so-called Kyiv District Court chose a measure of restraint in the so-called third Bakhchisaray Hizb ut-Tahrir case in the form of detention. Osman and Seitumer Seitumerov and Rustem Seitememetov will remain in jail until May 10, 2020.