Russian security forces conducted a second search in Dzhankoy district

March 16, 2020

In the occupied Crimea, the second search was conducted in Dzhankoy district. Russian security forces rushed into the house of Osman Kurtaliiev in the village of Larine on suspicion of his alleged participation in the Noman Çelebicihan volunteer battalion. Osman Kurtaliiev himself, whose last name and initials are indicated in the search order, according to his relatives, does not live in Crimea. It is reported by the Crimean solidarity media agency.

“This morning, a search was conducted at our house. It was carried out by FSB officers. They said that they came with a search and I naturally asked: “Please show me a search order. They showed me a paper signed by a judge of the Kyiv District Court. After that I gave permission and they came in. They began to say that my son, allegedly, is a member of the Noman Çelebicihan volunteer battalion and a “gang.” I asked: “Do you have evidence that my son is a member of this formation?” They replied, that they were collecting the evidence. After that, nine people – someone in balaclavas, someone without them, went into the house and began a search. I myself showed them the contents of the wardrobe. In some rooms they searched them. Within two hours they completed their actions and left”, – claimed the mother of Osman Kurtaliiev – Ediie Kurtaliieva.

We remind that today, March 16, Russian security officials raided the house of 26-year-old Dilyaver Ibraimov in Dzhankoy. The man was detained, but his whereabouts are still unknown, since he was alone at home.