Ukrainian Volodymyr Yakymenko under physical and psychological pressure in the Russian pre-trial detention center – spouse

January 17, 2020

The Ukrainian convict in the Russian Federation, Volodymyr Iakymenko, who is being held in a colony in the Saratov region, is constantly under physical and psychological pressure from the chief prosecutor of the Saratov region and the investigator of the city of Pugachevo. The Crimean Tatar Resource Center was informed about this by his wife Aliona, adding that the political prisoner was worried about severe headaches.

The wife emphasized that he was systematically searched in his cell and, in case of resistance, they said that they could “accidentally” find drugs.

“In December 2019, the chief prosecutor of the Saratov region Dynin visited Yakymenko and told him to sit quietly, not rock the boat and complain, but instead to sign a piece of paper that his wife misunderstands him, that he is teated well in jail”. He signed the paper because he understood what the consequences could be. Yesterday a local investigator came to him with the same statement, claiming that he was not threatened in any way and that there were no problems”,- Aliona underlined.

According to his wife, Volodymyr Yakymenko has gastritis, a duodenal ulcer, and is worried about severe headaches as a result of his detention.

“He was tortured and his collarbone was knocked out during this detention, which still significantly worries him. But he is afraid to complain about his health because they have a so-called hospital , after which it can only become much worse”,- she added.

We remind that on June 11, 2017, Ukrainian Volodymyr Yakymenko was detained when he crossed the administrative border with occupied Crimea. The man was accused of transporting drugs. A Kremlin-controlled court in the Crimea sentenced him to 15.5 years in prison under Art. 229.1 p. 4, p. 3, Art. 30 p. 5, Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.