Denys Kashuk’s wife and child threatened – sister

January 14, 2020

The sister of Denys Kashuk, who was arrested for two months on suspicion of “possession of explosives and ammunition”, believes he is being blackmailed, his wife and child are being threatened. The aforementioned was reported by the Crimea.Realities media agency.

“He does not have an independent lawyer who would defend him. He has an appointed lawyer who simply aggravates the situation. He had a request in court that his family could leave Crimea. Part of his family — mother and her husband — left, while his wife and son remained. It is very likely that they remain the object of blackmail. And, unfortunately, they don’t understand this. His main reason for not accepting an independent lawyer and independent help is fear for his wife, who refuses to leave Crimea”,-  Kashuk’s sister underlined.

On December 20, the so-called Kyiv District Court of occupied Crimea arrested a resident of Simferopol Denys Kashuk for two months – until February 18, 2020. The man is suspected of “storing explosives and ammunition.”