OCU cathedral robbed in Simferopol – Archbishop Klyment

December 9, 2019

In occupied Crimea, workers who make repairs in the Simferopol Cathedral of Saint Volodymyr and Olha robbed the property of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The archbishop of the Crimean diocese of the OCU Klyment stated this in his commentary to Crimea.Realities media agency.

“When I was not in Crimea, the workers who made repairs in the church robbed us. The theft took place on the second floor. The doors, old wooden ones, were illegally broken, under the guise of repair that new ones are being installed. Radio equipment was stolen from the second floor. This morning I told the foreman to return the equipment to me. He sent me packing", – Klyment emphasized.

Archbishop Klyment said he called the so-called police as well.

Earlier, on November 25, in the office of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, a meeting was held with the Head of the Orthodox mission to help victims of human rights violations and individuals deprived of their liberty, Archbishop Klyment. The parties discussed issues of communication and ensuring the protection of the rights of political prisoners of Crimea.