Taihan lion park has its activities suspended by a so-called court for 30 days

December 6, 2019

The so-called Bilohirsk district court of the occupied Crimea suspended the activities of the Taihan lion park for 30 days due to the systematic violations of the law. It was reported by the chairman of the veterinary committee of the Republic of Crimea Valerii Ivanov, according to the Russian edition of Kryminform.

“Oleh Zubkov uses expired feed, which is a violation of federal law. We are talking about 1.2 tons of boneless beef, which came from the Krasnodar region. We reacted to the previous delivery by issuing a ruling on the basis of this violation. Zubkov appealed the ruling and the court fully confirmed the veterinarian's actions. Ignoring the legislation, Zubkov re-received 1.2 tonnes of boneless beef from the same enterprise. This was recorded. The court consequently   suspended the activities of the Taihan lion park for 30 days”,- said Ivanov.

The owner of the park Oleh Zubkov did not deny that the animals in the park are often fed overdue meat, but he has no absolutely no worries about that.

We remind that in the occupied Crimea the Russian law enforcement officers opened criminal case against the owner of the Taihan lion park,  Yalta zoo ''Fairy tale" Oleh Zubkov for his failure to comply with the decision of the so-called court on the ban on the Walking with lions entertainment programme.