Resolution on the protection of human rights in Crimea adopted by the third UN General Assembly Committee

November 14, 2019

The third committee of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the protection of human rights in Crimea under the harsh conditions of Russian occupation. 67 members of the committee voted in favor of the decision, 23 voted against. The aforementioned was reported via the official Twitter account of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN.

The main provisions of the resolution are the following:

– the demand for the Russian Federation to end the policy of changing the demographic situation in Crimea, primarily by relocating its population there, as well as forced eviction;

– condemnation of the mass detentions of activists and human rights defenders due to the so-called allegations of support for terrorism, in particular representatives of the Crimean Solidarity civil initiative;

– a call to stop the persecution and release people detained for expressing thoughts, in particular, before the occupation;

– the condemnation of the ongoing practice of conscripting men into the army of the Russian Federation and criminal prosecution of those who refuse to serve in the army of the aggressor state;

– the demand to immediately release all illegally detained citizens of Ukraine and ensure their safe return to their homeland;

– an appeal to the international community to continue, within the framework of international advocacy, the condemnation of human rights violations in Crimea at both bilateral and multilateral levels.