“31.5 thousand Russian military currently present in occupied Crimea”, – Ukrainian Foreign Ministry at the UN

November 7, 2019

On Wednesday, the 6th of November, during a briefing at the UN headquarters in New York, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Yehor Bozhok underlined that the total number of the combined operational group of the Russian military in occupied Crimea currently consists of 31.5 thousand personnel. The aforementioned was reported by Ukrinform.

“Within the framework of this thematic event organized by the delegation of Ukraine to the UN, Mr. Bozhok informed the delegations of the UN member states about the current situation in the temporarily occupied Crimea in the context of the current militarization of the peninsula and the adjacent maritime territories by the Russian Federation”,- the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry official website claimed.

It is noted that special attention was paid to the problem of nuclear infrastructure restoration by the occupying state in Crimea and the deployment of devices and systems capable of carrying nuclear weapons, which violates Ukraine’s declared nuclear-free status.

“He also quoted statistics according to which there are 40 Russian tanks, 583 armored vehicle units, 162 heavy artillery installation units, 122 combat aircrafts, 62 helicopters and 12 multiple launch rocket systems in the Crimea. In addition to that, there are 34 Russian warships and 7 submarines”,- Ukrinform underlined.