Ilver Ametov fined by a so-called court in occupied Crimea

November 7, 2019

On Thursday, the 7th of November, the so-called Sudak magistrates’ court of the occupied Crimea held a so-called court hearing on an administrative protocol against the chairman of Sudak regional Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Ilver Ametov, whose house had previously been searched. A fine of 300 rubles was imposed on Ametov. The aforementioned was reported by lawyer Lenura Engulatova via Facebook.

The lawyer claims that preliminary information on the consideration of an administrative case on violation of the rules for collecting weapons has not been confirmed.

"The police believe that the rules for obtaining a license to collect weapons have been violated and the protocol on administrative offense should be issued by a respective local executive body", – the message underlines.

We remind that on the 27th of September, Russian security officers searched the house and cafe of the chairman of the Sudak Regional Mejlis, Ilver Ametov. During the search, the so-called law enforcers seized Mejlis membership ID card and antique items from the private museum of Ilver Ametov, including 4 bayonets made in 1833-1933. All the exhibits of the museum have the necessary documentation.