“Court Hearing” to Try Ilver Ametov in Crimea

November 5, 2019

On Thursday, November 7, in Sudak “court” in the occupied Crimea, a “court hearing” will be held trying Ilver Ametov, the chairman of the Sudak regional Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, whose house was previously searched. This was reported by the Crimean Tatar activist Lenora Dyulber on her Facebook page.

“Today we learned the date of the court hearing, where Ilver Ametov will be tried. Also, Ilver Ametov was summoned to the local police station to sign an administrative protocol, which was not signed before because the police did not know what norm of the current legislation to use. "…" As a result, on November 7, at 11.00 am, Ilver Ametov was summoned to the Sudak court on Gvardeyskaya St., 2. Apparently, this time they have already decided what article to use”, wrote Dyulber .

According to her, the examination of the museum artifacts concluded that these "knives" were made in the period between the mid-19th century and early 20th century.

“Based on current standards, blade weapons include items manufactured after 1943. Artifacts seized from Ilver Ametov’s museum do not qualify,” she said.

Previously, on September 27, Russian security forces conducted a search in Ilver Ametov’s household and café. During the search, "law enforcers" seized the identity card of a member of the local Mejlis and antique items from his private museum, including 4 bayonet-knives made in 1833-1933. Ilver Ametov had all the necessary documents for the exhibits in the museum.