In Occupied Crimea, Security Forces Interrogated People in Mosque

October 11, 2019

On Friday, October 11, in the mosque of the Kurtsy village in the occupied Crimea, Russian security forces conducted “active search measures”, talking to each parishioner individually. As it turned out later, the security forces arrived supposedly to check the energy meter and land parcel documents. This was reported by the Crimean Solidarity organization.

"According to local residents, the law enforcement agents arrived at the mosque in the village of Kurtsy (Simferopol District), and are currently conducting active search measures with parishioners, who just finished their Friday prayers. They work individually with each person," the statement said.

Later, one of the activists reported that security officials were allegedly checking the energy meters and land parcel documents.

“From now on it is the riot police in masks and with assault rifles will check our energy meters. That is our Krymenergo now,” he noted.