More than a thousand servicemen involved in regular military exercises in occupied Crimea

October 8, 2019

At the military training facilities in Crimea and the Kuban, regular military exercises are held, with more than 200 units of military technology and more than 1 000 military personnel from missile-artillery formations and units of the Black Sea Fleet involved. The aforementioned was reported by the press service of the fleet.

"Artillery fire control classes are held with military personnel, in which more than 200 units of military and special technology are involved, including Grad multiple launch rocket systems, Grad 122C self-propelled howitzers, 2C1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers, and 120mm D-30 howitzers, 120-mm self-propelled 2S9 "Nona-S" artillery, as well as mortars "Sled" and "Tray," the report said.

It is noted that during these training activities, artillerymen work out the coordination of reconnaissance and fire contours in their units, as well as methods of using artillery during the aerial and maritime landing.

“The culmination of the training will be a bilateral brigade tactical exercise between a coastal defense brigade and a Black Sea Fleet brigade with artillery fire, airborne landing from IL-76 aircraft and an BTR-82A landing with a sea landing force from large landing ships for capturing the coast",- added the press service of the fleet.

We remind that in the occupied Crimea, military exercises, propaganda for military service and conscription into the armed forces of the Russian Federation are held regularly. The Russian military exercises damage and destroy the ecosystem of the peninsula and grossly violate the international law.

Earlier, in a statement on Crimea, NATO condemned the ongoing large-scale buildup of Russia's military power in Crimea and expressed concern about Russia's efforts and plans to further build up military power in the Black Sea region.