National Human Rights “NOTconference” in Kyiv

December 23, 2016

On December 10-11, Kyiv hosted a National Human Rights “NOTconference”, organized by the Center for Civil Liberties. The event was held in the format of the workshop, which discussed a specific problem as well as proposals for its solution. The participants worked in the following workshops: “Are there any system errors in the police reform process and how to fix them?”, “How to ensure permanent international human rights monitoring in Crimea?”, “Judicial reform: what to do next?”, “How to maintain communication links with occupied Crimea?”, “How to maintain freedom of expression in terms of socio-economic crisis and war”, and others.

At the workshop named “How to ensure permanent international monitoring of human rights in Crimea”, the position of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center was advocated by Elvir Sagirman. Two points mentioned in his speech were included in the summary of the discussion. It was noted that monitoring mission in Crimea should be one-time missions with a clearly defined mandate regarding specific human rights. As a result of the discussion in a group, it was decided that there is a need to discuss the issue further with representatives of international organizations and State agencies.

In the second point of the summary, it was noted that there is a need to teach Crimean people how to document human rights violations and submit petitions to treaty bodies of the Council of Europe and the UN.

As a result of the workshop, it was suggested that changes should be made to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine On Approval of the procedure for entering and exit from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine No 367, as well as a strategy on the use of monitoring results has to be developed.

All the above proposals are of a recommendatory nature. There will be attempts in future to implement them.