This Year Another Political Prisoner Exchange Will Take Place – Denisova

September 10, 2019

The Verkhovna Rada Human Rights Commissioner Lyudmila Denisova spoke about the prospects of yet another exchange of political prisoners between Ukraine and Russia. She believes that this can happen before the end of the year. She said this to “Breakfast with 1 + 1.”

She noted that it was Zelensky who persisted that political prisoners were released together with  the twenty-four sailors.

“We don’t stop here, we continue conducting personal negotiations, the president and the head of the working group, namely Mr. Yermak, are negotiating to release everyone. Currently, there are one hundred thirteen our political prisoners, eighty-nine of whom are Crimean Tatars. We have made some progress, I think that the exchange will happen this year, "added Denisova.

Last Saturday, 7 September, at the Kiev Borispol airport, an airplane landed with twenty-four sailors and eleven political prisoners who were illegally detained in Russian prisons and pre-trial detention centers. All prisoners were released as part of prisoner’s exchange between Ukraine and Russia.