“Court” Ruled to Revoke Lease of Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Crimea

August 30, 2019

On Thursday, 29 August, the arbitration court of appeals №21 in Sevastopol confirmed the ruling to revoke the lease of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Simferopol. This is reported by Krym.Realii referring to the head of Crimean eparchy of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Father Kliment.

Собор Владимира и Ольги Православной церкви Украины в Симферополе

According to the archbishop, the court hearing was held without the attorney, disregarding the additional documents sent to “court” in advance.

“Yesterday (29 August – KR) court hearing assembled and ruled to keep the previous decision in force. In other words, the court of appeals kept the decision of the arbitration court in force. The hearing was held without the attorney and without taking into consideration additional documents that were previously sent to court. This leads us to conclude that this decision was taken before the hearing. The court only read the official ruling”, said archbishop Kliment.

Previously, in July 2019 the so-called Ministry of Property Relations in Crimea started “reconstructing” the Cathedral of Saint Vladimir and Saint Olga Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Simferopol in the result of which church property was “stolen and destroyed”.

On 6 August 2019, Crimean eparchy of Ukrainian Orthodox Church appealed against the lawsuit “Crimean Ministry of Property” of arbitration “court” to prematurely revoke the lease of the church building.