In Simferopol Detention Center Inmate Killed His Cellmate with Instep Plate – Public Monitoring Commission in Crimea

August 28, 2019

Last week, an inmate from Simferopol detention center №1 killed his cellmate, who was under investigation. This is reported by Krym.Realii referring to the Public Monitoring Commission in Crimea.

According to the Public Monitoring Commission, the incident happened on August 21, 2019.

“In one of the cells in the detention center №1, a conflict sparked between two remand detainees in the result of which one inmate struck another with the sharp metal instep plate right into the heart. There have been necessary measures undertaken to reanimate him before the ambulance arrived but he died anyway”, said monitoring commission.

The materials have reportedly been transferred to the investigation department in Zheleznodorozhniy district of Simferopol “for procedural judgment”.

The name of the victim is unknown.

Previously, in spring 2019, in the same detention center, an inmate was beaten up to death by his cellmate. The incident happened in April but became public only on  May 15, 2019. This was reported by Crimea department of the Russian Investigative Committee. In 2018, in Crimea other similar incidents happened: in Simferopol detention center, sixty-nine years old Server Bilyalov and forty-six years old Oleg Honcharov were found dead after hanging themselves; a twenty-three years old Dmitriy Shipovnik committed suicide by hanging himself in a solitary confinement; thirty-nine years old Islam Iskerov was found with his throat slit in his cell №8.