172 years since the birth of the educator Ismail Gasprinsky

March 20, 2023

Today, March 20, marks the 172nd anniversary of the birth of the father of the literary Crimean Tatar language, Ismail Bey Mustafa-oglu Gasprinsky.

Ismail dedicated his life to protecting languages that suffered from the repressions of the Russian Empire. His publication Terciman-Translator, which was the first Turkic-language newspaper, existed for 35 years, from 1883 to April 1918. By this he contributed to the revival of the self-consciousness of the Turkic peoples.

With the beginning of his creative activity, the world received the novels Frankistan Mektyuplers (French Letters), Africa Mektyuplers (African Letters) and Yildiz (Star), as well as many others.

Thus, Gasprinsky not only made a huge contribution to the development of cultural and educational activities for the oppressed peoples, but also formed certain features of the literary Crimean Tatar language.

The legacy of Ismail Gasprinsky lives beyond time and inspires young generations, reminding them of their national dignity.