Crimean Tatar Resource Center

Human rights organizations discussed the results of their activities

2 December 2021

On Monday, November 29, a number of human rights organizations held an online working meeting, during which they discussed the results of their activities. In particular, the Head of the Board of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Eskender Bariiev spoke about the work of the CTRC and the results of its work.

During the working meeting, Bariiev informed the participants about the advocacy campaigns of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Atalık (Godfather), MP, help the prisoners of the Kremlin! The Head of the Board of the CTRC informed about the communication with the MPs of Ukraine and noted those politicians who have already taken patronage over the political prisoners of the Kremlin.

In addition, Eskender Bariiev presented the videos "Help the prisoners of the Kremlin!", "MP, help the prisoners of the Kremlin!" and the documentary "Give Me Back My Dad!"

The expert also drew attention to the gross mistakes that some human rights defenders and statesmen of Ukraine made during various statements, speeches, etc.

1. You cannot use the phrase Ukrainian political prisoner. After all, these are citizens of Ukraine who are persecuted by the Ukrainian authorities for their political views. At that time, the Crimean prisoners of the Kremlin, according to the criteria of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, are Ukrainian citizens persecuted by the occupying Russian authorities in Crimea.

2. There are no clear criteria for determining the Crimean prisoners of the Kremlin, and therefore some organizations, state bodies include them in the list of prisoners of war or political prisoners from the Donbas and other regions of Ukraine.

“Some organizations do not carry out clear verification when distributing their products. For example, during the Crimean Platform Summit, handouts were distributed, where among the Crimean political prisoners there were political prisoners from other regions of Ukraine, and instead of a photograph of political prisoner Enver Bekirov, they used a photograph of a person who is an IDP and lives in Lviv”,- he added.