Crimean Tatar Resource Center

CTRC called on the SSU to ban the entry of Russian musicians into Ukraine

7 October 2021

The Crimean Tatar Resource Center addressed the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov with a letter in which he was urged to consider the possibility of banning entry to Ukraine for Russian artists Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), Irina Vorobyova (Krug) and Yelyzaveta Ivantsiv (Yolka), whose performances in October and December are planned in Kyiv.

It is known that Irina Krug and Basta, violating Ukrainian law, visited the occupied Crimea, where they performed with concerts. Although Yolka did not arrange a concert, she could still be on the peninsula during one of the Russian song festivals.

“We ask you to check the information regarding illegal visits to the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol by citizens of the Russian Federation Irina Vorobyova and Yelyzaveta Ivantsiv and, in case of violations of Ukrainian legislation, apply restrictive measures against them”,- the letter says.

The CTRC also proposed to consider the issue of applying restrictive measures against Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), in particular, to re-prohibit entry into the territory of Ukraine. Since his last visits to Ukraine in 2021 caused a great public outcry.