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Nariman Dzhelyalov: I will continue to fight in prison

14 September 2021

Lawyer Nikolai Polozov published via his Facebook page the text of Nariman Dzhelyalov's statement, in which he, being in the pre-trial detention center prison, appeals to his people and urges them not to stop and not to give up.

Here is the full text of the statement:

My friends!

My arrest exactly after my return from the Crimean Platform, where I had the honor to be present and speak in front of distinguished participants and close-minded friends, only proves the vengeful nature of the Russian government.

It continues to demonstrate readiness to expel and isolate people who continue to openly fight for democratic values and freedoms, in the name of the interests of one’s people and state.

I was ready for such a development of events and, following the example of my older brothers, I am not going to deviate from my own convictions! I will continue to fight in the ways available to me here in detention.

During a search in my house, the employee who carried it out, among other things, said:

Your weapon is the word. And this is much more dangerous.

So my weapon is with me. My word is with me. My word is with you!

Do not retreat! Do not stop! Do not hesitate!

My people!

Do not trust hypocritical accusers who will admonish that the victim of violence is himself guilty of the violence against oneself! They will say that I myself ran into trouble, that if I had been quiet, I would have stayed at home with my family.

But we are not allowed to behave like that.

Eight years ago, you, my people, delegated the right to represent your interests to me. I was awarded a high status and responsibility, in the face of which I could not keep silent and hide.

I have chosen this path consciously and will not deviate from it. My beloved wife, my close friends, all my people and the whole world are by my side. And no walls can change that.

Do not give up!

Do not let what has been done to me strike fear into you, because this is one of their goals.

Our ancestors proudly carried the heavenly banner with a golden tamga. It is our sacred duty to do so as well!