Crimean Tatar Resource Center

Exclusive documentary "Crimea. Dehydration" will be shown on "Nova Odessa" TV channel

9 April 2021

The Crimean Tatar Resource Center and the Mir and Co Charitable Foundation invite everyone to watch the exclusive documentary "Crimea. Dehydration" in online format. The picture will be available on Saturday, April 10 at 13-00, as well as on Sunday, April 11 at 18-00 on the TV channel "Nova Odessa".

The film will  be alsoavailable at the following link:

We remind that the documentary raises one of the most pressing topics of our time: the lack of water on the peninsula, and highlights the irrational approach of the Russian authorities to the use of water resources. Do Crimeans need water from the Dnipro? Are the occupiers really trying to resolve this issue? And who really lacks water? The answers to all these and other questions were presented by the experts of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center in this film.

The film consists of five parts:

1) Water or searching for optimal solutions
2) Militarization of the Crimean water
3) Is there any chance for agriculture in Crimea?
4) Poison for  Crimean
5) On the brink of disaster: the eco-crisis in Crimea

The film Crimea. Dehydration is already available for viewing in three languages:

In Russian:
In Ukrainian:
In English: