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Memorial Human Rights Center recognized Oleg Prykhodko as political prisoner

6 April 2021

The Russian human rights center Memorial recognized as a political prisoner the pro-Ukrainian activist Oleg Prykhodko, whom the occupants sentenced to 5 years in a maximum security colony with the first year in prison. The center demands to release the man immediately. This is reported via the website of the center.

“The Memorial Human Rights Center considers Oleg Prykhodko a political prisoner in accordance with the international guidelines for defining this concept. We believe that his case was falsified in the absence of corpus delicti. Oleg Prykhodko is being persecuted solely because of his political convictions and in violation of his right to a fair trial”,- the message said.

The Human Rights Center demands Prykhodko to be immediately released from custody and the sentence passed on his case to be canceled.

We remind that on February 8, 2019, Russian security officials searched the dwelling of pro-Ukrainian activist Oleg Prykhodko in the village of Orikhove, Saky District.

On October 9, 2019, Russian security officials again broke into Oleg Prykhodko’s dwelling and kidnapped him. On October 10, a search was conducted in his dwelling, during which the man was detained. His wife Liubov Prykhodko was also detained. The activist is accused of “terrorism" and “manufacture of explosives.” The woman was detained as a witness, but later released. On October 10, the so-called Kyiv District Court arrested Oleg Prykhodko until December 10. Later Prykhodko’s DNA samples were illegally taken. According to lawyer Nazim Sheikhmambetov, this was done for the purpose of falsifying evidence. The political prisoner had his measure of restraint repeatedly extended.