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In the occupied Crimea, almost 4 thousand people were deprived of their property rights

30 July 2020

On Thursday, July 30, during a briefing in Kyiv, the expert of the Ukrainian Regional Center for Human Rights Roman Martynovsky said that the Russian authorities have deprived 3,952 people of their property rights in the occupied Crimea.

“We were able to identify 3952 people whom we consider to be victims of property rights on the territory of the occupied peninsula. These individuals from whom land plots were seized, were deprived of ownership of land plots that they received at the beginning of the occupation of the peninsula. based on the fact that the occupation authorities have assumed the function of verifying the legality of the provision of these land plots to the citizens of Ukraine, starting from 2008 to 2010”,-Martynovsky said.

He noted that hew was talking about plots for gardening, and for individual housing construction, and agricultural land.

We remind that Russian President Vladimir Putin has expanded the list of territories where land plots cannot be owned by foreigners and foreign legal entities, adding to them the coastal areas of the occupied Crimea. The corresponding decree was published on the official portal of legal information.