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Political prisoner Rustem Vaitov is Heldin Barracks in a Maximum Security Prison in Russia - Spouse

15 November 2019

The defendant in the “Hizb ut-Tahrir case”, political prisoner Rustem Vaitov, is being held in a high-security barracks in colony No. 1 of the city of Kurgan in the Russian Federation, where he was placed for allegedly violating his neighbor. His wife Aliye Vaitov a notified the Crimean Tatar Resource Center about this.

"He voices no complaints about the conditions of detention. They are kept warm, well-fed, they do not offend anyone. Although, when he arrived at the colony in Kurgan, he was accused of violating his neighbor, and as a result was placed in a high-security barrack, where he is being held to this day. He is perceived as a malicious criminal. He can spend only 2-2.5 hours a day in the fresh air, the rest of the time he spends indoors”, his wife said.

Aliye Vaitova noted that before his sentence, Rustem had many chronic diseases, problems with joints and blood vessels, and now he has caught a draft and has some stomach problems.

“The colony can assist, for example, if one has a toothache, they can fill it or remove, they can do some tests if one asks. But a year ago, Rustem needed to see a doctor. The Ukrainian consul talked to the head of the colony, and he made concessions. But in this situation, his lawyer Roman Kachanov acted very incompetent by bringing a human rights activist instead of a doctor, and the head of the colony really didn’t like. Because of this, my husband got 15 days in punitive confinement", said the wife.

According to Aliye, Rustem is in good spirits, does not lose hope. He believes he did the right thing by not cooperating with the investigation.

"I always thought that my visits to my husband support him, but it turned out quite the opposite. True, he is already worrying about where he is going to work when he is released. Since we have a difficult child. Sofia has problems with her legs, she cannot walk, and a lot of money is spent on treatment. As a man and a father, he is especially worried about this”, she said.

Recently, Aliye contacted the Ukrainian Consul in Yekaterinburg regarding the day of Rustem’s release. The consul suggested that the political prisoner write him letter stating that he wants to live in Ukraine, which consul will then send to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

“To be honest, we love our green, warm Crimea. But only because Rustem must not leave Kurgan for 8 years, where there is no work, there is nothing, we decided to move to mainland Ukraine. Three days ago my husband wrote and send this letter. We are waiting for it to reach the consul, " the wife added.

Previously, on December 21, 2018, the Kurgan city court refused to release him on parole, referring to the existing disciplinary sanctions that were imposed on him in prison No. 1 of Kurgan, where he is serving his sentence.

In September 2016, the North Caucasian District Military Court in Rostov-on-Don sentenced Rustem Vaitov to five years in a general regime penal colony.