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Judge-collaborator Karavayev Ruled Unlawful Decision Against Oleg Prikhodko

31 October 2019

On Thursday, October 31, a judge from the city of Armyansk of the occupied Crimea, Konstantin Nikolayevich Karavayev, in the Supreme “court” issued an unlawful decision against Oleg Prikhodko, who is accused of “terrorism” and “manufacturing of explosives,” dismissing the defendant’s appeal motion. Karavayev Konstantin Nikolaevich, we warn you that with these actions you violate the IV Geneva Convention and the legislation of Ukraine.

The appeal motion was examined by the “judge” Karavayev Konstantin Nikolaevich, from the city of Armyansk, occupied Crimea.

Having violated the oath of the judge and the legislation of Ukraine, Konstantin Nikolaevich Karavayev, after the occupation of Crimea by Russia, switched sides and works as a judge for the occupants. In this regard, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine opened a criminal case on the grounds of a crime under Part 1 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (high treason).

Previously,  on February 8, Russian security officials have searched the house of pro-Ukrainian activist Oleg Prikhodko in the village of Orekhovo, Saki.

On October 9, in Saki, Russian security forces again broke into the house of pro-Ukrainian activist Oleg Prikhodko and kidnapped him. On October 10, another search was conducted in the result of which his wife Lyubov Prikhodko was detained. The man is accused of “terrorism” and “the manufacture of explosives,” and the woman was detained as a witness, but subsequently released. On October 10, in the occupied Crimea, the Kyiv district "court" arrested Oleg Prikhodko until December 10. Later Prikhodko was illegally forced to provide DNA samples. According to his lawyer Nazim Sheikhmambetov, this was done to falsify evidence.