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Moscow court imposed fines on seven Crimean Tatars

20 August 2019

On Tuesday, August 20, Meschansk court in Moscow administered fines to seven Crimean Tatars, who were detained on 11 July near the Russian Supreme Court. Lenur Mamutov, Bekir Gaziev, Mustafa Seidaliiev, Tair Umerov, Narim Nedzhiev, Ibrish Nazlymov, Smail Fakidov are facing ten thousand rubles fine each. This is reported by “Krym.Realii” referring to the lawyer, Konstantin Andreev.

“In all seven cases, the court denied to summon and question the accusing side and policemen witnessing and writing the protocols. The judge is simply following orders from above and does not concern with the question if the person is guilty or not. Accused did not have any posters or T-shirts, they just expressed their position”, - wrote lawyer.

According to Andreev, the defendant team has managed to press for the minimal fine in this case (20.2 Code on Administrative Offences - disorderly conduct).

“Our argument had two points. First, the court cannot impose the maximum fine (twenty thousand rubles) on those not previously liable. Second, among the accused, there are elderly people, for whom twenty thousand rubles, given the average wage of fifteen thousand rubles in Crimea, - is a very heavy burden. The main function of the court is not only punitive but also restorative justice. Apparently the judge has heard me”, - said Andreev.

Previously, on July 10, Crimean Tatar activists organized a protest on the Red Square in Moscow against the persecutions in the occupied Crimea. The posters carried by activists said “Stop ethnic and religious discrimination”, “Fight with terrorism in Crimea is a fight with dissidents”, “Our children are not terrorists”. Right after the beginning of the protest, seven people were arrested by Russian police forces. On July 11, forty-six more people were arrested near the Supreme Court, where the appeal proceeding about the defendants of Bakhchysarai ‘Hizb ut-Tahrir’ case was carried out.

On July 29, Tagan district court in Moscow determined to impose a twenty thousand rubles fine on eighteen Crimean Tatars, who were arrested on July 11 near the Supreme Court of  the Russian Federation. All arrested were charged guilty under the provision 5, article 20.2 of the Code on Administrative Offenses. In total, the fine reaches 360 000 rubles ($5 666). On  August 5, Meschansk court in Moscow determined to impose a fifteen thousand rubles fine on three Crimean Tatars, arrested on  July 11 near the Supreme Court of Russia. On  August 9, ten thousand rubles fine was imposed on four more Crimean Tatars.