Russian stars are a tool of hybrid war against Ukraine – Parkhomenko

November 1, 2021

Expert of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Serhii Parkhomenko, in an interview with UA: Crimea, said that the reaction of the Ukrainian authorities should be tougher in relation to Russian guest performers, since the stars of the Russian Federation are an instrument of a hybrid war against Ukraine.

“Russian stars are an instrument of hybrid warfare against Ukraine. 2014 proved that cultural expansion occurs first, and then “little green men” come after it. Therefore, the reaction of the authorities should be unambiguously tougher in relation to Russian guest performers. A full-fledged mechanism of sanctions against Russian artists should be applied, and not just blacklists from the Ministry of Culture or one-time bans from the SSU”,- the expert explained.

Parkhomenko believes that it would be possible to apply the mechanism of trial in absentia against citizens of the Russian Federation who contributed to the occupation policy of the Kremlin. The same Basta could have been sentenced to 8 years (Article 332-2 of the Criminal Code Illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine) and then there would be no question at all: to let him in or not to let him into Ukraine.

The expert also added that Ukrainian show business stars who go to give concerts in Russia or live and perform concert activities on the territory of the aggressor state are collaborators of the Russian Federation, accomplices in the anti-Ukrainian policy of the Putin regime.