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Can Crimea survive without water from Dnipro?

19 October 2021

Expert of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Yevhen Khlobystov in an interview with the Dom TV channel said that Crimea could survive without Dnieper water provided that the distribution of this water is different than it is now.

“The situation with water has improved, as there was heavy rainfall and all reservoirs, more than 20 reservoirs of the Crimea, have a standard water content. This allows today to provide uninterrupted water for all water consumers”,- Khlobystov emphasized.

The expert added that the quality of this water is completely different, since the reservoirs were empty for a long time and this state of the reservoirs became the reason that today the water there has ceased to naturally purify itself.

“Today there are no problems and there were no problems for the military-industrial complex, for the enterprises that served the military-industrial complex of the Crimea. Only civilians, mostly living, for example, outside the city of Sevastopol, experienced a water shortage. The city of Sevastopol has always been well supplied with water precisely because the military elite and the top of the power structures - the FSB and others - live there”,- he said.

The expert added that now there is a spontaneous increase in the population, there is a constant increase in the needs of the military-industrial complex, endless exercises are being conducted. Reducing water consumption in these very segments would significantly improve water supply for the ordinary population, the civilian population.