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Italy finally showed interest in the issue of political prisoners of Crimea - Bariieva

5 October 2021

In an interview with the QIRIM.News media agency, the manager of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Zarema Bariieva stressed that starting from February 2021, when Prime Minister Mario Draghi took up his duties, Italy began to pay more attention to the situation in the occupied Crimea, in particular to the issue of political prisoners of the Kremlin.

This trend is evidenced by the latest conference Suppression of freedom of speech in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, organized at the initiative of the senator from the Liberal Democratic Party Roberto Rampi and the Italian Federation for the Defense of Human Rights.

The Italian parliament discussed human rights violations in the occupied Crimea. CTRC manager Zarema Bariieva spoke in more detail about the Kremlin's political prisoners who were arrested on trumped-up charges.

“Italy, starting from February 2021, really pays more attention to the situation in Ukraine. With the arrival of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who took up his duties in February 2021, due attention is paid to the problems of Crimea. The prime minister emphasizes that it is necessary to do something with this imperial policy of the Kremlin, to raise the issue of political prisoners of Crimea, and he also believes that it is necessary to initiate a package of Crimean sanctions”,- Bariieva said.