Give Me Back My Dad! – trailer for the new documentary film of the CTRC

September 20, 2021

Until 2014, Crimea was a welcoming  place for many people of different nationalities and beliefs, but after the Russian occupation of the peninsula in 2014, everything changed. Repression, persecution, arrests are the current realities, from which suffer not only adults but also children.

The number of people imprisoned in politically motivated cases continues to increase every year in the occupied Crimea. Already more than 200 children are forced to grow up without their own father, without his daily support and care.

The team of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center hopes and does everything so that in the near future every child in the occupied Crimea could hug his or her father and truly enjoy every day of childhood.

To achieve this goal, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center decided to create a short documentary film "Give Me Back My Dad"!

In our film, we have collected the stories of children whose parents were imprisoned or forcibly kidnapped after the occupation of Crimea. Some of them saw the brutal detention of their fathers and now they have one request: "Give Me Back My Dad"!

With this picture, we want to draw the attention of the Ukrainian and international community to the problem of political prisoners in Crimea, as well as their children, who suffer no less than their parents.

The premiere of our film will take place very soon, but for now, stay tuned so as not to miss anything.

We remind you that the Crimean Tatar Resource Center systematically works in this direction. In 2017, the CTRC held a competition "My Dad is a Hero!" among the children of political prisoners, the murdered and missing people during the occupation of Crimea. Children sent works in which they talked about their parents, feelings and pain of separation. The winners of the competition were awarded with a laptop and a tablet. However, every child who took part in the competition did not go unnoticed and received a gift.