Crimean Tatar Resource Center


Help the Crimean Political Prisoners! (video in English)

17 May 2021

The Crimean Tatar Resource Center and the International Movement for the De-occupation of Crimea and Solidarity with the Crimean Tatar People #LIBERATECRIMEA present a video as part of the campaign "Help the Crimean Political Prisoners!" We call on European parliamentarians to take patronage over Crimeans who have been arrested or persecuted by the Russian occupants.

To  make  this, European parliamentarians are invited to:

1. To declare publicly about taking patronage over one of the Crimean political prisoners;

2. To make public statements about a political prisoner at least once a month;

3. To appeal to the President and other high-ranking officials of the country to intensify the issue of release of the Crimean political prisoners;

4. To appeal to the President of Russia to release the Crimean political prisoners;

5. To send letters to the colony where the Crimean political prisoners are being held;

6. To visit the colony in Russia, where the Crimean political prisoners are being held;

7. To provide legal, political, informational and other assistance to wards and their families;

8. To facilitate the rehabilitation of relatives of Crimean political prisoners;

9. To call for sanctions against Russia;

10. To carry out other public events aimed at protecting the rights of Crimean political prisoners.

We remind you that the International Civil Society Movement for the De-occupation of Crimea and Solidarity with the Crimean Tatar People #LIBERATECRIMEA within the framework of the international campaign Atalık (The Godfather) launched the campaign "Help the Crimean Political Prisoners", in which it called on Ukrainian parliamentarians to take patronage over the Crimean people who were arrested or persecuted by the Russian occupiers.